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COVID-19 Coronavirus

Pandemic Preparedness Guide

TigerConnect can serve as your care team’s first line of defense in preparing for a pandemic, like COVID-19

Keep Your Staff Informed Every Step of the Way

When dealing with a highly contagious virus, like coronavirus COVID-19, reliable communication with your team – no matter where they are – is critical to managing and mitigating the risks of a pandemic. TigerConnect can help. Here’s how.

Broadcast Messages & Lists

Send critical alerts to key infectious disease care teams
Send Broadcast Messages from your Preparedness team, including incident commander, with contact information and updates. Consider adding critical new users, including local CDC and Department of Health professionals, who can help manage the developing crisis.

Group Messages

Communicate critical information simultaneously
Ensure your staff is properly prepared by sending Group Messages to EVS, charge nurses, supply chain leads and others to provide personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies as necessary.


Allow critical questions to be answered and shared
Use a Forum centered around the viral crisis for staff members to ask questions and then trend those questions to improve widespread communications.

Roles & Workflows

Reach colleagues across shift changes or facilities
Consider creating specific Roles for your pandemic plan. Intelligently route real-time alerts and alarms to the right care professionals to help mitigate the COVID-19 response.

Patient Messaging

Switch between provider and patient modes
TigerTouch’s patient communication option opens communication between healthcare professionals and patients during the uncertainty of a viral crisis, without the need for portals or passwords.


Assemble Rapid Response Teams
TigerConnect’s Teams capability streamlines the activation of Rapid Response Teams (RRTs) so care team members can respond as rapidly as possible in urgent situations.


TigerConnect Support When You Need It
During these uncertain times, we’re in this together. The TigerConnect team is here to support your efforts. If you need assistance with something specific, please reach out to your Client Success Manager.


Use these quick-reference links to stay connected
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