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The TigerConnect Solution

With performance metrics tracked more closely than ever, it’s important for physicians to use technology to their advantage. TigerText is a tailor-made secure texting app for physicians that uses asynchronous messaging that lets physicians reply when it’s convenient, unlike a phone call. More importantly, critical alerts, results, and consult requests can be routed from the EHR and other systems via text in real-time. Other examples of this HIPAA-compliant texting solution for you and your physicians include identifying and messaging the right on-call specialists, clarifying orders and medications, receiving images, and notifications when patients are admitted, discharged, or transferred.


TigerConnect can help improve metrics related to:
  • Patient throughput and consult times
  • Emergency Department wait times
  • Patient safety and readmissions
  • Operating Room optimization
  • HCAHPS scores and more

Physician Workflows Solved

  • Specialty Consults

    Receive automated, real-time smartphone alerts anytime a consult request is placed in the EHR.

  • ED Throughput

    Use Roles and group messaging to accelerate care coordination in urgent and emergent situations.

  • Discharge & Transfer Management

    Stay informed with automated discharge notices and resolve care plan or medication discrepancies.

  • Procedure Results Review

    Text interpretations of results to the ordering physician, who can review it with images on their smartphone.

  • Prescriptions & Refills

    Receive text messages directly from the Pharmacy for refills or approve/deny prescription requests.

  • Utilization Management

    Clear up code discrepancies with medical coders via text without rounds of phone calls.

  • Patient Follow-Up Post-Discharge

    Address complications following discharge by receiving status updates such as surgical wound photos from PCPs or home health staff.

E-Book: Reimagining Communication Workflows

Physicians, learn how TigerFlow, TigerConnect’s enterprise-wide clinical communications platform, advances healthcare organizations to the next level of clinical communications.

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