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Easy-to-Implement, Integrated Clinical Communications Platform

The TigerConnect Solution

TigerConnect’s HITRUST CSF Certification means patient data will be kept safe and secure in ways that other solutions may not. With its stringent security guidelines and multiple rounds of audits, HITRUST scrutinizes key aspects of a vendor’s security model until the solution receives a passing grade across all categories. TigerConnect is regularly audited to maintain this certification.


Security You Can Trust

IT Challenges Solved

  • Integration with the EHR, Hospital Systems

    Easily integrate TigerText using a pre-configured API that connects to systems like the EHR, nurse call, ADT, PACS, scheduling, and others for instant alerting and information.

  • User Management

    Maintain full control over user access with easy add/remove capabilities, batch uploading, and customized welcome emails for new users.

  • Security Policy Enforcement

    Set policies that include message lifespan, PIN lock, SAML, SSO, transactional message data, archiving and more.

  • BYOD or Hospital-Provided Devices

    Choose your preferred device approach – BYOD, hospital-liable, or a mix of both, all with the same level of flexibility and control.

  • Broadcast Messaging

    Send system status updates or policy changes to a specific department or the entire company at once. Replies are seen only by the sender.

  • Backup Communication Channel

    In an EHR or phone system outage, TigerConnect's healthcare communication technology solution functions as a default way to keep the communication channels open and information flowing.

See How Mary Washington Healthcare Improved Workflow Efficiencies

Mary Washington Healthcare improved physician collaboration, workflow efficiency, and care quality by switching from inefficient, antiquated pagers and landline phones to a unified, mobile clinical communication solution through TigerConnect.

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