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Control Costs While Improving Patient Throughput

The TigerConnect Solution

Financial uncertainties, government mandates, and issues of patient safety and care quality all contribute to a complex and challenging environment for today’s healthcare executives. While TigerConnect may not be able to solve all of these outright, we can certainly help move the needle in the right direction.

By solving the critical challenge of making staff and patient data instantly accessible, TigerConnect is able to effect positive change across a wide range of clinical use cases that ultimately drive the metrics by which hospitals and health systems are measured by producing:

  • Lower overall costs to offset tightening margins
  • Shorter wait times in the Emergency Department
  • Reduced bed days and lengths of stay (LOS)
  • Increased reimbursements from Medicare’s Shared Savings Program
  • Fewer medical errors and clinical variations
  • Fewer redundant clinical tests and procedures
  • Higher HCAHPS scores and patient satisfaction
  • Improved staff morale, particularly among physicians

Executive Challenges Solved

  • Cost Containment

    A large amount of time is wasted by staff tracking down people and information. TigerText streamlines time-consuming tasks by unlocking hard-to-access data – specialists, lab results, transports – so it’s accessible on the go in real-time by physicians and staff.

  • Getting More From EHR Sunk Costs

    TigerConnect helps organizations get more value from their massive EHR investment by making static information actionable in real-time. While results and consult requests can linger in the EHR for minutes or even hours, TigerText redirects email-based alerts for admissions, discharges, and consult requests as text messages where they can be acted upon.

  • Fewer Medical Errors During Patient Transfers

    The majority of medical errors happen during patient handoffs, when care is being transferred from one team to the next. TigerText leverages group messaging and automated role assignments to ensure complete information – results, past conversations, consult recommendations – anytime a patient is transferred.

  • Connect Your Entire Organization on a Single Communications Platform

    TigerConnect centralizes team communication and system data so physicians, nurses, and other care professionals can coordinate care in the most efficient way, reducing steps for faster, more effective patient treatment.

    • Accelerate care delivery at every stage of a patient’s visit
    • Control costs by eliminating redundant efforts
    • Alert departments in real time when CMS arrives onsite

  • Aligned to Meet the Needs of Healthcare Executives

    TigerConnect understands the pressures that healthcare management teams face. That’s why our solutions are hyper-focused on delivering a high ROI by targeting specific workflows and functional areas where inefficiency has traditionally slowed patient throughput. We improve key metrics across the organization that result in lower costs, fewer medical errors, higher reimbursements, and better HCAHPS scores while providing a noticeable boost in staff morale. TigerConnect can help address important challenges such as:

    • Expense reduction across facilities
    • Medical errors and litigation
    • Ambulatory referrals
    • Readmission rates among certain patient populations
    • Staff morale and physician turnover

Case Study: Jefferson Health - New Jersey

Executives, discover how Jefferson Health (formerly Kennedy Health) in New Jersey reduced ED utilization by 73% among a target population and decreased Congestive Heart Failure readmissions by over 22%.

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