Finally, a system that works at the speed of healthcare

Did you know, a 500-bed hospital loses over $4 million annually
due to clinical communication inefficiencies?*

Phone Tag Isn’t Free

Every time a physician “just misses” a specialist when calling to discuss a consult, every time a nurse must track down a physician to clarify an order, your organization is losing money.* With secure texting on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, TigerConnect frees clinicians from returning missed calls and hunting down colleagues, keeping clear conversation trails for maximum efficiency.

*SOURCE: Journal of Healthcare Management

  • Made for Mobile

    An intuitive smartphone app means teams can respond to critical alerts and messages anytime, anywhere.

  • Inspired by Workflows

    Medical communication systems were created based on established workflows, so your team doesn’t have to change their way of working.

  • Centralized Data

    Data from clinical systems of record are centralized on one platform in real time.

  • EHR Access

    EHRs become exponentially more valuable as data becomes accessible right at the point of care.

  • Continuity of Care

    Automated role-assumption and conversation history ensures seamless care during shift hand-offs.

  • Integration-Friendly

    TigerConnect can be connected to your vital hospital systems like ADT, Labs, and Scheduling for seamless alerting.

From Individuals to Organizations, TigerConnect Can Help

  • Healthcare Professionals

    Whether you’re a physician, nurse, IT manager, or another medical professional, TigerText’s healthcare messaging app helps you do your job, better.

  • Healthcare Organizations

    Whether you’re part of a large health system or a private practice, TigerConnect’s solution can scale to any size to help organizations provide better quality care at a lower cost.

Welcome to a Brand New Day in Healthcare

Trusted to uphold the highest levels of security, and flexible enough to adapt to your team’s specific needs,TigerConnect is revolutionizing hospital communication systems – making value-based care more achievable than ever.

  • HITRUST CSF-certified for security

  • Easily integrates with existing EHR systems

  • Customizable to each care organization with over 200 available integrations

Make Your Team a Tiger Team:

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