Telehealth & Virtual Care

TigerTouch+ is Telehealth Simplified?.

Video, voice and text. Powerful yet easy for patients and providers.

Slide The frictionless way to engage patients TigerConnect makes patient communication easy. A single tap connects providers with patients. Tap again to switch back to staff. For patients, it’s even easier. A text link opens a secure mobile browser, bypassing apps and passwords, enabling secure virtual care over video, voice, and text.

Seamless EHR Integration

Integrate TigerTouch+ with your EHR for powerful workflow automation. Automatically sync patient lists for immediate outreach, including friends, family, and caregivers. Write back patient conversations to their record, eliminating the need to download and upload files manually.

A single app for all collaboration

Having all our solutions under one app does more than just allow for easy access. TigerConnect’s provider and patient networks enhance each other through crossover functionality. Anyone in the internal hospital directory can be easily added to a patient conversation including case managers, specialists, and primary care physicians. Messages can also be forwarded from a patient conversation directly to a care team member on the provider network.

Your Pocket Guide to Virtual Care

Still new to telehealth? Our pocket guide is packed with insights into the benefits of remote patient care and other enhanced customer workflows.

Secure, compliant, HITRUST-Certified

Go well beyond CMS’ telehealth recommendations with a complete solution that is secure, encrypted, and HITRUST CSF-certified. Confidently engage patients and specialists knowing all parties are protected.

Keep providers in control

TigerTouch+ gives providers the tools to control when to start a new video call or text conversation as well as how long the patient has access for by setting the lifespan. Configure outreach specific to the case at hand.

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