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Integrated or standalone, automated physician scheduling software saves hours and streamlines on-call schedule creation.

Scheduling and collaboration all on the same platform

Coordinating on-call physician schedules can be a complex process that relies heavily on good communication. TigerSchedule software delivers a flexible, easy-to-use scheduling system paired with the rich messaging capabilities of TigerConnect, enabling you to instantly communicate scheduling changes, coordinate time-off requests, and see future shift assignments on one, integrated, mobile-friendly platform.

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Scalable, Easy-to-Use Solution

Clickable Calendars

See all shift assignments and make quick changes

Mobile Time-Off Requests

Allow providers to request time-off and coordinate assignment swaps from a smartphone

Tally Reports

Verify fairness in shift assignments, including tallies for days off and holidays

EHR Integration

Manage the impact of time-off requests on patient appointments in the EHR

TigerSchedule Features

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Custom Rule Builders

Automate scheduling with custom rules, templates, and easy-to-update schedules.

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Automated Scheduling

Reduce burnout and ensure balance via automation that generates fair schedules.

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Time-off Requests

Easily manage vacation and day-off requests with many time-off options.

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Patient Reschedules

Automatically block, freeze, and cancel patient appointments when time off requests are approved.

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Custom and Merged Views

View customized daily/weekly/monthly calendars by individual or department.

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Swaps and Changes

Allow providers to request and approve assignment swaps.

Ensure fairness and reduce burnout

TigerSchedule’s rules-engine algorithm removes the stress on managers by intelligently automating the schedule-building process to ensure shifts are fairly distributed among physicians and are also spaced far enough apart to prevent burnout. Tally reports prove fairness while the ease of use enables 12 months of on-call schedules to be created in under 30 seconds.

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EHR integration to coordinate patient appointments

TigerSchedule’s two-way integration with Epic and athenahealth synchronizes patient appointment data in the EHR, allowing physicians to see the impact a time-off request has on patient appointments. Hospital staff can be automatically notified when a patient cancels.

TigerSchedule also blocks out physicians’ availability for vacations and freezes appointment slots to eliminate scheduling mix-ups.

Mobile-friendly for dynamic roles and real-time notifications

Forget the whiteboards and printed spreadsheets. TigerSchedule on-call HIPAA-compliant scheduling software makes the calendar instantly accessible from practically anywhere. It also synchronizes with TigerConnect’s Roles functionality, making it easy to reach the right on-call individual by secure text, voice, or video. Receive automated notifications, send sick day and time-off requests, and manually take over a role to ensure continuity in patient care.

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Community Hospital
of the Monterey Peninsula

See how TigerSchedule sped care delivery in the ED and eliminated errant calls to the wrong physician.

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Memorial Hospital

Discover how HMH solved critical ED staffing problems and elevated care quality.

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Alomere replaced paper schedules and streamlined change requests for its 240 family practice providers.

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