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Reach the Right Person, Anytime with Roles & Scheduling

See Who’s On Call and Message Them Instantly

Need a Cardiologist at 3:41 a.m.? Role-based scheduling makes it easy. Using preset role assignments and shift calendars, on-duty or on-call staff can be messaged instantly by role – no first or last name required. Search by job function and/or title and connect using text as well as voice, or video calling. Shift changes are made automatically, alerting new role owners. Users can manually take over a role with a simple swipe.

Roles & Scheduling Integration A Powerful Way to Drive Adoption

Messaging by Role via
Text, Voice, or Video

Quickly look up and message the right staff member by role – no first or last name required.

Easy Lookups in the
Roles Directory

Scroll alphabetically to the role you want or search for it in the directory.

Detailed Roles Profile

See key details for a role, including the current shift owner. Swipe in to take over or opt out.

Calendar Views by Shift

Look up a role to see who’s assigned to it hours, days, or weeks in advance. Sync shifts with scheduling solutions like Amion or Qgenda, and even spreadsheets.

TigerFlow Features

Secure Messaging

Automated Role Assignments
Transfer role ownership automatically so critical roles always remain actively assigned and populated.

Secure Messaging

Scheduling Integration
Link your scheduling system with LDAP or Active Directory to automate role assignments at the shift change.

Secure Messaging

Admin-Controlled Setup
Properly manage roles with setups that are controlled exclusively by IT administrators.

Secure Messaging

Sender Options
Send messages as the role owner or as an individual.

Secure Messaging

Message Continuity
Preserve conversations from shift to shift for complete context and continuity of care.

Secure Messaging

Manual Role Swipe-Ins
Take over a role with a simple swipe knowing current role owners will be instantly notified. Easily re-assign vacated roles.

Streamline Workflows
Using Roles

Save time and a whole lot of running around when you trade white boards and printed schedules for automated role scheduling. Text the role you want instantly, even when you don’t know the individual’s name to help accelerate workflows, streamlining care quality and delivery times across the organization.

Drive Higher Adoption
& Messaging

Instantly kickstart app adoption across the organization with automated role assignments that make low-activity users visible and available to message by other colleagues by their role assignment. See 3x increases in user engagement and message volumes with this game-changing feature.

See Instant ROI from
Your Investment

Realize significant added value from automated role-based messaging, particularly for large organizations. A few minutes saved with every procedure translates into massive cost savings when multiplied thousands of times across teams and departments.

Navigate the Phases of Healthcare Communication

Discover hidden ways to amplify the effects of role-based messaging by integrating with key systems like your EHR, nurse call, labs, and more. Connect all of your facilities on a single care team collaboration platform, and go even further by inviting patients into the conversation.

“Extremely Satisfied with TigerConnect Software & Customer Service”

“This software is of vital importance for use by our doctors — who work both at the clinic and at several hospitals — when communicating back and forth with each other and staff. Our staff also communicates hospital phone call information (through TigerConnect) with our doctors on a daily basis. It is extremely important our doctors work with Critical Care patients to communicate with our staff immediately. The software is (also) user-friendly. We highly recommend this product.”

Emma M., Assistant Office Manager at Valley Pulmonary Group, PLLC

5/5 stars

A Flexible Platform to Match Your Needs

From standard features to advanced integrations and virtual care, choose from a range of solutions tailored to your unique workflows and requirements.

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