Clinical & Operational Workflow Integrations

Integrations to Power Your Workflows

Experience 10X the value from TigerConnect with powerful clinical and operational workflow integrations

One Platform for Data & Communications

Communication platforms are the catalysts for workflow transformation. The convergence of data and communication driven by intelligently-routed alerts and quick exchanges help teams deliver better care faster. Instant accessibility in a single, mobile-friendly user experience means less wasted effort and a happier, more productive staff.


With an open API and an architecture that’s 100% cloud-based, TigerConnect makes EHR data instantly accessible and actionable. Broadly available to clinical and non-clinical staff across facility types, TigerConnect acts as a health system’s single communication layer even when different EHRs are in use.

Real-time, mobile-friendly alerts with customized data sets and formats help teams spend less time in the EHR and more time making a difference for patients.


Nurse Call System Integration

No one ever said being a nurse was easy. TigerConnect provides relief by sending real-time alerts and alarms to nurses or nurse roles anywhere in the hospital by room block or floor assignment. Key details and alert-type indicators let nurses quickly prioritize bedside requests or activate specific teams for the appropriate response.

Virtualized Nurse Call

Prioritizing call bell requests can be challenging when every alert looks the same. TigerConnect’s VoIP-powered, virtualized nurse call option gives nurses the power to distinguish between routine bedside requests and critical situations.

Through an integration with the hospital’s PBX system, nurses can receive and respond to call bell alerts in real-time by speaking to patients directly through a bedside speaker or phone, expediting response times and saving wasted trips across the hospital unit.

Answering Services

Give your answering service the 21st-century makeover it deserves. TigerConnect’s answering service integration allows call center agents to directly text on-call staff from their desktop computer – no more paging or phone tag. Agents can send Priority Messages and share greater levels of detail about a request, including photos or documents. Even better, agents can see instantly when messages have been delivered and read, and if needed, mark a message for escalation to downstream contacts.

TigerPage Pager Replacement

Most healthcare organizations have retired their pagers, but for those staunch holdouts, there’s TigerPage?. This simple pager replacement integration allows pager alerts to be sent right to the TigerConnect app. Users are assigned a unique, permanent phone number that can be shared with hospital operators, answering services, fellow physicians, nurses, hospital staff, and patients. There are even one-click callbacks from numeric pages.

SAML Authentication & Single Sign-On (SSO)

Logging in over and over isn’t just a drag on productivity, it’s a drag, period. TigerConnect’s SAML integration federates user credentials across applications and facilities while keeping logins secure and verified behind the firewall. This cuts down on security risks and repetitive logins to TigerConnect. TigerConnect supports Windows authentication as well as Imprivata’s Single Sign-On (SSO) for badge swipes and quick QR code logins, which is especially helpful when using shared devices.

Integration Engines

Good apps need good data. That’s why TigerConnect integrates with healthcare’s leading interface engines. With an accessible API, developer-friendly SDK, and a seasoned Professional Services team, TigerConnect will help you develop data profiles and custom configurations that map to your unique clinical and operational workflows.


LDAP / Active Directory

Simple but powerful, LDAP or Active Directory integrations make it easy to work at scale. Onboard large numbers of users quickly and automatically manage their access to TigerConnect through a single database. Save time as employee updates in the corporate directory are instantly reflected in TigerConnect.

A Flexible Platform to Match Your Needs

From standard features to advanced integrations and virtual care, choose from a range of solutions tailored to your unique workflows and requirements.

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