Why TigerConnect

This Tiger Is Changing the Industry's Stripes

Established in 2010, TigerConnect was born with the lofty goal of providing an advanced operations platform powerful enough to create radical improvements in healthcare delivery, yet simple and intuitive enough for anyone to use quickly and effectively.

Our Mission

“To provide a healthcare communication solution that radically improves the way care is delivered.”

Some 80% of serious medical errors involve miscommunication between caregivers.* Our mission is to eradicate errors with a secure platform built for the way healthcare really happens.

*Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare

Empowering Care Teams

We make it possible for doctors, nurses, and the entire care team to collaborate and act on information (messages, images, patient data, and more) quickly and efficiently across the enterprise, from anywhere at any time — with an interface that is intuitive and enjoyable. The timely delivery of actionable patient health information across shift changes, locations, and roles are critically important to accelerating care, preserving wellness, and vastly improving the patient experience.

Improving Care, and the Business of Caring

TigerConnect is so much more than just clinical communications — it fundamentally changes the way healthcare organizations operate. This single solution is the first and only healthcare communication solution that serves as a unifying patient information exchange. And our secure scalability meets the requirements of your regulated industry. We help healthcare organizations reduce medical errors, improve the provider experience, lower costs, comply with regulations, and advance care team collaboration.

Join TigerConnect. Let’s change the face of healthcare together.

A Flexible Platform to Match Your Needs

From standard features to advanced integrations and virtual care, choose from a range of solutions tailored to your unique workflows and requirements.

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